Tree Care Myths

Tree Branches Cut Auckland

TREE CARE MYTHS The ‘Top Ten’ myths of tree care… MYTH #1: When a tree is planted it should be securely staked to ensure the development of a stable root system and a strong trunk. Although it is sometimes necessary to stake trees to keep them upright and allow establishment, there are some adverse effects…

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Auckland City Council – Working on or around trees

Fruit Tree Trim Auckland

Working on or around trees Ko te mahi i waenga ake, horapa noa rānei i te rākau ​Trees contribute to Auckland being a desirable place to live and are an important part of Auckland’s natural heritage and identity. Trees also: conserve water make our air breathable absorb air pollution support our slopes protect our properties…

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Trees and Neighbours – Know Your Rights

Arborist North Shore

Suburbs need trees. They are a source of food and shelter for birdlife, they improve the quality of the air we breathe and they beautify our towns and landscapes. But … they also block the drains, disrupt walls and foundations, hide the view, cast long shadows, and from time to time, fall down. Trees, especially…

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Why the tree regulations aren’t working

Tree Trimming Auckland

Approximately 180,000 Aucklanders had their power disrupted after strong winds caused massive damage to Vector’s network. A further 15,000 customers went without power in the Counties Manakau area. Half the affected customers had their power restored within a day, but a small minority of unfortunate families and businesses had to wait a week. The damage…

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